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You like this *updated with FULL video*

Bikes,video 25 April 2011 | Comments Off

The production quality of extreme sports videos is at an all-time high. You Like This is certainly no exception. Remote controlled helicopters, zip-line mounted video cameras, HD helmet cams, and more help tell the story of a group of riders at the core of mountain biking. The riders all shared the unique goal of pushing further into the back country, riding unique natural terrain or exploring infamous trails throughout British Columbia’s back country. It premieres online live at 9pm April 29th, 2011, but you can get a sneak peak Update, April 30th: You can watch the full video right here on New Hiker. [...]

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Beautiful time-lapse video over El Teide

video 16 April 2011 | Comments Off

Spectacularly breathtaking. Filmed in April of 2011 on Spain’s highest mountain, El Teide, Terje Sorgjerd captured this astonishing video with the aid of his Canon DSLR, a motion-control dolly, and a healthy dose of sleep deprivation. [...]

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E39 performance monitoring shirt

Clothing,Tech / Gear,video 4 March 2011 | Comments Off

More than 300 top prospects were invited to participate at 2011 scouting combine in Indianapolis last week. This is a vital step in achieving each of their NFL hopes & caviar dreams. And while Patrick Peterson and Julio Jones may have demonstrated incredible athleticism – the behind the scenes unsung hero was a high-tech compression shirt many of the athletes wore. Under Armour created an electronic “bug” that’s woven in to their new E39 performance monitoring shirts. The removable, tri-axial accelerometer tracks everything from heart rate to g-force acceleration. Straight out of your FPS video games and onto the field; it gauges the power and efficiency of each athlete’s movements. Scouts and trainers can then view this data via their wireless laptop or iPad. [...]

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Driver runs down dozens of cyclists

Alt,Bikes,video 28 February 2011 | Comments Off

On the last Friday of every month, hundreds of bike riding enthusiasts take to the streets for Critical Mass in Porto Alegre, Brazil to raise awareness of cycling in a city dominated by motor vehicles — but at their most recent event, the unthinkable happened. As the lively group of cyclists pedaled together down the street, one disgruntled motorist decided to accelerate through the crowd, running down dozens of riders in a disturbing hit-and-run.

Miraculously, considering the speed with which the car plowed into the riders, no one was killed, but over a dozen had to be treated for their injuries. According to Brazilian media, the driver fled the scene and abandoned his car.

Update: The driver of the car has been identified as Ricardo José Neis. He expected to turn himself in to police on Monday, Feb 28th. 3/1: Driver who hit cyclists indicted for attempted murder

From the organizers blog:

Yesterday, as on every last Friday of the month Critical Mass was held, which is a manifestation of what happens in the world when cyclists seek space in traffic, to raise awareness that we ARE PART of the traffic. Bicycles are a self-sustainable, less expensive, and environmentally friendly alternative, even if they’re commonly associated with leisure and recreation.

But what happened yesterday was beyond any expectation we could have had. A driver / killer ran over our group of cyclists. What happened was very scary, and I did not understand what was happening, because we could hear screams and the sound of people falling on the ground, the sound of bodies in the hood, windshield, on the asphalt. I saw legs in the air, helmets, bicycles, arms, all mixed together with parts of the car… all flying and making noise. It was like a horror movie.

Read the rest of this story at

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Bruce Lee: The lost interview

Martial Arts,video 21 February 2011 | Comments Off

Words of wisdom by Bruce Lee. Catch a rare glimpse of the martial arts master speaking about his life, his journey & the importance of mastering your mind as well as your body. [...]

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Phoenix-Fly Wing Suits

skydiving,video 3 February 2011 | Comments Off

Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly? Without hesitation, our answer to the super hero question has always been to fly. BASE and sky divers are getting closer and closer to human flight with purpose-built wing suits like this. For every vertical foot they drop, these suits push them forward several feet. During flight, ram-air inlets inflate the wing to an aerodynamic profile that actually can provide lift (similar to airplane wings). Pictured above is a custom camera helmet with photo and video setup. Housed within the helmet is a system connected to a switch in the gloves that allows the cameraman snap photos or film video. A cross-hair aiming device helps with framing and has an indicator of the camera status. In the event of catastrophe (that is recoverable) a special safety cable within the wing releases the webbing from the arms. [...]

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Greatest Sports Pep Talk Ever

Basketball,Football,Hockey,video 2 February 2011 | Comments Off

The fulcrum of so many good movies is often the inspiring pep-talk by its hero. And that movie is ever only as good as those heart wrenching & motivational words of encouragement. The finest sports figures from film and television offer up those words to get you back out on that field/court/ice/horse in fighting form.

You can do it!

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