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Adult Merit Badges

Leisure 7 February 2011 | Comments Off

You deserve a little bit of recognition for outstanding behavior. Stand up and accept your award for your eternal optimism, using your powers for good – not evil, or for being good with your hands. Made in the USA, all are fully embroidered, 1.5″ in diameter and come with an iron-on backing. [...]

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Field Notes Steno Notebook

Leisure,Tech / Gear,Tools,video 2 February 2011 | Comments Off

New at the Field Notes Shop is their self-branded Stenographers notebook. Steno notebooks are a staple at offices, indoor and out, just about everywhere (this one included). They’re so much more practical than a the much coveted Moleskin. With larger pages and a more comfortable writing position – now they’re just as beautiful too. The Steno is proudly printed by the good people of Schneider Graphics in Bensenvill, Il. and bound with bombproof black metal ring wire. We got our hands on one this week and can attest to their quality and attention to detail. [...]

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Arctic Force Snow Trac Ball

kids,Leisure,Snowsports 12 January 2011 | Comments Off

As a kid I got all the hand-me-down toys from my aunts & uncles. One day Mom brought us an original Trac Ball set from the late 70′s (not at all like the cheap junk they were selling in the 90′s). We spent countless hours in the neighbors yard whipping that tiny plastic ball at each other as hard as we could. 40 yards or more at a throw. It was glorious. Wham-o decided that the little plastic ball wasn’t capable of inflicting enough bodily harm so they decided you should make it out of ice snow. Scoop some up, use the built-in snowball press to pack it, aim & launch on your enemy from over 100ft away. Sounds perfectly reasonable and safe.

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